Saturday, March 26, 2011

Landlord Eviction [week 8]

This video is really funny -- the company, Orabrush, talked about their marketing on a panel at SES NY last week, and I found this very entertaining:

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sheen's Magical Mystery Tour

Just in the back of my mind, with the seeming success of Charlie Sheen's plans to tour with an as-yet-undefined show, taking a page right out Conan O'Brien's playbook after NBC dumped him, will this tour prove to be a genius move or will we see that the warlock has no clothes?

If the whispers are true, that CBS is considering rehiring Sheen after seeing how much interest and advance ticket sales he's getting for his tour, it could end up that Sheen will be seen as crazy like a fox, especially if he actually commands a still higher salary to return to "Two & A Half Men."

But I can't help but suspect that with no real idea what Sheen may be doing in the performances, it could blow up in his face. A 90-minute or more live show of incoherent ramblings and no real plan for entertaining an audience would be a far cry from Conan O'Brien's tour that had a clear set list of songs, video clips, skits and other written pieces. One or two train wreck shows on the first couple stops of the tour could scuttle the rest of the tour, especially if dissatisfied audiences start demanding refunds.

Which way do you think the tour will end up? I'd be curious to hear. Let's see who's right.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

ECNY awards

Enjoyed attending the ECNY Awards show last night, although by the end it was a bit of an endurance test (show ran almost 3 hours?) To me the highlights were the videos made by comedy collective "The Moon" to introduce nominees in each category. These were quite creative. For instance, for best website, two members of the group played a boss and employee, with the employee covering up his computer screen every time the boss looked in on him -- each time with a nominee's name on the screen.

And, as I tweeted during the show last night, among the performance highlights during the show (which featured performances of 4 of the 5 nominated musical comedy acts), was Adira Amram's showstopping rendition of her comedic song "Tiny Vagina," in which she sang the title over and over again, with more and more emphasis, in front of a colorful riot of two aerobics-gear-clad dancers and several black-colored bodysuit-clad chorus members and dancers -- one of whom did somersaults mid-crescendo.

Also, in a lower key, nominee Ben Lerman performed his comedic number, "Multiple Orgasm Pam," a more folkie-styled piece, that also charmed, in a completely different way.

In some ways, another star of the night was Kurt Braunohler, who reaped the most ECNY awards, and also scrambled up once or twice to accept on behalf of winners who weren't present. Braunohler got more casual with each acceptance, on one just noting, "hey I have a tiny glass of beer too," holding up a sampler from the venue's bar (the 92Y Tribeca).

Later this week, Jester will compile reviews of nominees and winners for your reference.