Tuesday, November 28, 2017

UCB move

Just a quick thought. The UCB's Chelsea theater hosted its last performances last night before moving to a new space in Hell's Kitchen sometime in December (the East Village space remains open).

The final night included an opportunity for fans or anyone who signed up to have 60 seconds on their stage to say whatever they wished, and I wished I could have made it and participated. Some time ago, I took classes with the theater and got to perform in some "graduation" shows on that stage. Combined with all the shows I saw at that location, with intense frequency for a few years, it was a formative place for me. I missed it when life moved on and other pursuits took over.

UCB was in that space, a black box style stage under a supermarket, for about 15 years altogether, and I liked having even a very small part in that. I helped document part of that history, from 2005 to 2010 mostly, and the record of that can still be found on jesterjournal.com, under the "Sketch" and "Improv" tabs on the left of the homepage. Hope you enjoy looking back.