Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Huffman Koos: Fraudsters extraordinaire, who don't even know the meaning of customer service

Here is the complete story & sets of FB posts. Please re-post to Huffman Koos FB page at and on their Twitter handle: @HuffmanKoos (will provide short bit link to do soon...)

From 20 hours ago (night of Dec. 31):

This is the beginning of the story that happened last night (as told to the company on their FB page, and still they are playing games with me): ...

I hope it's a Happy New Year's Eve for you, because it certainly isn't one for me, as our furniture delivery that was scheduled for between 11 am-3 pm today STILL hasn't shown up and no one there is making any visible effort to find out...

This quote on your website is such a JOKE: We strive to give customers the best possible experience they can have when purchasing furniture. ... Well you have given me the worst possible experience I could have had. Now we have to spend our New Year's Eve dealing with these IDIOTS!!! I recommend anyone reading this never do business with them.

Update from today (Jan. 1, 2014):

Huffman Koos furniture. A fraudulent enterprise. To continue the story I started posting last night, they finally arrived with the furniture 4 1/2 hours AFTER scheduled delivery window of 11 am-3 pm. Then ran off with my keys and are being slow and uncooperative about returning them. Also read this for background on their CEO, who was convicted of fraud, and somehow is STILL their CEO (as confirmed by one of their employees who I asked within the past hour)!!! Unbelievable.

For more details, read here: